Medical cover and travel insurance

Medical cover should be at the core of a travel insurance policy. The costs of medical treatment arising out of an illness or injury whilst travelling can be just as painful as the physical ailment if you have to pay out of your own pocket. Why not leave the financial risk to the professionals and ensure you are adequately covered, and protect your health and your pocket with medical cover and travel insurance.

Travel in the nature

What you can expect from travel insurance with medical cover

There is no knowing when you will fall ill or injure yourself, and the last thing you would want is to not have the best medical treatment possible when in a foreign country. Falling ill while travelling poses an additional risk as some times, depending on the situation, you will need to be evacuated to an adequate medical facility for treatment. How will you pay for this?

When putting in a valid claim, you will be required to pay an excess fee. This amount as well as terms and conditions are detailed in the policy wording. It is important to know what these are when buying travel insurance with medical cover. Also listed are the conditions for cover.

Emergency medical benefits of travel insurance with medical cover

In addition to emergency medical and hospital costs, and emergency repatriation, other benefits relating to sudden and unexpected illness include:

• optical expenses
• emergency dental treatment
• compassionate emergency visits for a single person
• in the event of your death, repatriation of mortal remains and coffin costs will be covered by the insurer
• hospital cash benefit
• medical expenses due to terrorism

Medical expenses that are covered by travel insurance South Africa for the individual benefits are capped as stated in the schedule of benefits of your policy.

Why specialist medical travel insurance is a good idea

Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions secure the financial protection of their travel insurance policies when having to make a claim. This is because pre-exiting medical conditions are not covered under a standard travel insurance policy. Without securing specialist cover, and should the injury or illness result from a pre-existing condition, the claim will not be valid.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are planning on travelling abroad, it is best to speak to your insurance provider to find out if your condition is covered.

Common exclusions

Injuries that result from extreme drunken behaviour and illegal drug use are usually not covered under travel insurance policies.

Negligent or violent behaviour are also additional reasons why claims will not be accepted.

Extreme or dangerous activities are excluded. If you will be participating in these activities, it is advised that you buy a specialist insurance product which covers treatment should anything untoward happens to you on your insured journey.

The extent of medical cover and benefits will vary depending on the policy and travel insurance provider you choose. Generally, the range of cover comprises of hospital treatment expenses, emergency evacuation as well as travel expenses should you need to remain abroad if you are medically unfit for travelling.

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Oscar Smethurst

Welcome Oscar Haydn Smethurst

After waiting patiently for the arrival of our little boy, he finally arrived at 38weeks / 5 days on Saturday the 9th November 2013 at 09:55. Weighing a healthy 3.5kg (7lbs 12oz) and 58cm long (not sure where he gets his height from as both my wife and I are 5ft something).

He took us completely by surprise as we’d visited the doctor just the day before for a routine check-up and were told he wasn’t going to arrive until closer to his due date (18th November) or he may even be late.

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Britain will be hotter than…..

I have lived in the UK for 14 years now and can’t help but laugh when Summer rolls around and I read how much hotter Britain is going to be than ‘insert hot country’. I don’t see the reason why British journalists feel the need to gloat that balmy Britain will for at least one day be hotter than Greece, Italy, Bali, Athens, Hawaii or even Jamaica.

Anyway below are some examples. Yes, I was the oddball taking a photo of the newspaper with my phone.

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UK Immigration Barristers and how I almost fell for their scam

WARNING: They are now using domains and STAY WELL AWAY.

Uk Immigration Barristers Scam

On Tuesday I almost got scammed. Well not me but my mother, but I would have felt the victim non-the-less.

I got a call on my mobile from a number based in the UK. It was a man of Indian/Pakistani nationality and he told me he had my mother on a conference call. Now this is not a normal occurrence and wasn’t expecting my mother to then come on the phone and ask if I wouldn’t mind paying some £640 as she needed to pay for her Ancestry visa and if she paid with her credit card there would be a 7.5% (£40) transaction fee so it would be cheaper if I paid them and she could then reimburse me later.

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